Mt. Kathadin Living in harmony with nature,
"off the grid",
in the
Maine North Woods

This website is a project that I use to maintain and enhance my technical skills, check out my resume for more information.

We have chosen to live a unique lifestyle in Soldier Pond, Maine. Map of Maine Soldier Pond is located about 197 miles Northeast of Quebec and about 420 miles north of Boston. We recently moved from Oxbow, ME. where we lived "off-grid" and derived our electricity from an off-grid solar system.

Our objective is to be completely independent and self-sufficient with minimal impact to our environment. To that end we plan to take our current house off-grid by next summer.

Our new off-grid solar system is significantly larger than our system in Oxbow and is intended to supply all of the electrical needs for a conventional house.

This website is intended to provide a common place for our friends and relatives to share photos, information, and adventures. Our photo gallery includes photos from our immediate family across the Nation. Family members are scattered across the country from Maine to California and Alaska to Arkansas so, I started a family map so that everyone can see who is where.

We enjoy several winter sports including ice skating, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing. Check out photos of our winter activities.

Speaking of family members... Shawna has returned from Iraq, Brooklyn moved to Las Vegas this year (2011), Brittny has taken up glass etching . Andrea is doing very well with Biathlon this year.

(Check out Andrea's athlete page on the US Olympic website and her blog here.) Maddi is taking a CNA class and has started taking college classes. Last but not least, Kinzy is doing fabulous in school (as always).

Take a look at the foreign exchange students that we have hosted from around the globe.

I have traveled extensively with my various jobs and we also travel a lots as a family to watch Andrea's Biathlon events and visit family in ME, MN, ND, and MT. Checkout our various travel destinations.

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